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First interview from 2009 with Tom
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www.sodom.hu: First of all, take my personal congratulation for City Of God video! It's my personal favorite. I think this video represent an awesome thrash feeling. Obviously the strength of Sodom is based on live shows. The Sodom fans keep this band alive. Am I wrong?

Tom Angelripper: You are right, without the Sodom fans the band wouldn't exist anymore, I think these fans are the most loyal in the world.

We got so much support, especially in live shows. The video clip "City of god" is a gift to the south America fans but it also describes the power energy of Sodom.

www.sodom.hu: In 2009 Kreator touring across Europe under "Chaos Over Europe" tour. Some news says it's possible to arrange the three german thrash legend: Kreator, Destruction and Sodom and touring like in 2002, "the Hell Comes To Your Town" tour.

Schmier from Destruction said: "we are gonna try and hook up a tour with our mates Kreator and Sodom for the States. That would be fucking great. We are trying to do this for the beginning of next year." Do you think it's possible? Could we expect this special tour?

Tom Angelripper: No, I don't think so. I heard that Kreator booked already an US America and European Tour with a different package.

But we are still thinking about this great idea. But you have to realize, that there is the business stuff to do. There are different labels, booking agencies and managements that work together. I hope we'll find another date for a meeting with all three bands to work out more concrete ideas to realize it.

www.sodom.hu: What's your plans in the future? When is your next studio album coming, and what can listeners expect from Sodom this time around? Is there any new songs?

Tom Angelripper: We finished seven songs yet, and believe me, that album is could be a killer. We tried to get more typically Sodom spirit into the songs without copying ourselves. The new material is so intense and powerful with so much energy and it is very important to get a better production. Hope we get a chance to release it in 2009.

www.sodom.hu: When is Sodom going to release second part of Lords of Depravity? Is there any problem with the label company (SPV)? Can you say a few details about is?

Tom Angelripper: Yes, we can't release the DVD without SPV`s green light; they have the permission to bring it out. We will talk about that in the beginning of next year. I told them, that the Sodom fans are still waiting for it. Everything is prepared in the studio in Berlin. So we can start cutting. This DVD could be a monster with over six hours running time.

www.sodom.hu: In 2000, one of your side project named: Desperadoz released the "Dawn Of Dying" CD. It was a special western feeling music. Such as great songs like: Gone With The Wind, My Gun And Me. This side project is still alive? There was any new release after Dawn Of Dying?

Tom Angelripper: Yes, Alex released two more albums, but I am not more the singer of them, because that was to much for me, being the singer of three bands. Alex himself is the singer and frontman of the band. I like this western sound mixed with classic metal riffing, its awesome! On the latest release "An eye for an eye" I had a guest performance with the song "Here comes the pain".

www.sodom.hu: Yesterday got the news: you and Martin Sosna started the Death Squad Promotion. It's sounds very great! I think one of your dreams came true with managing young metal bands.

Tom Angelripper: Yes, we try to help younger newcomer bands to start a career in metal scene. There are so much good german bands around, like Final Depravity or Failed perfection. We are able to help them because we know the structures of the music business and have a lot of contacts, that we collect all over the years. But, don't be afraid, I will never stop doing my music!

www.sodom.hu: Can we expect this company will bring new level of booking/managing Sodom, Onkel Tom and the other bands?

Tom Angelripper: Not really, but Martin is a good friend of mine and he also try to help Sodom and Onkel Tom wherever he can, but the booking agency is still Continental concerts, they have done a good job for years and we are satisfied with them and we want to keep this company! Martin is the new Sodom merchandiser and he is doing a good job.

www.sodom.hu: Is there any chance we may see Sodom performing live here in Hungary? (Your last gig was here in 2000.)

Tom Angelripper: We will see, we confirmed a lot of shows for 2009, but we are still waiting for Hungary offers! I think the time is right to come back, but what can we do? I will talk to our booker, maybe he can help us to get connected to any promoters over there.

www.sodom.hu: Chris Witchhunter was one of your old friend. (And one of the best thrash metal drummer.) It must have been very hard to losing him. Will Sodom release a tribute song keepeing Chris memory alive?

Tom Angelripper: I was shocked when I got the message during the south America tour. I couldn't believe it! Now we are planning a Chris Witchhunter memorial show in April in Oberhausen-Turbinenhalle. We confirmed a lot of 80th Thrash bands who supported this idea! We also want to collect some money for Chris Witchhunters lovely mother. I hope that Sodom fans worldwide will join this festival. That will be a historical package.

Thanx for your support and good luck for the new year...

your friend Tom Angelripper!

source: dr.sabotage, sodom.hu, 2009
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