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Lords Of Depravity 2 ismertető
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With the first Lords Of Depravity DVD Ronald Matthes & Sodom has a very high bar for the bands in the genre of documentary processing life. They were justly proud of the sophisticated and comprehensive work. The second part also had to continue the work already started and to keep high standards.

Although many people feel stronger the band's first era (1982-95-up), but the period of 1996-2007 also included a number of interesting moments in the life of the band. It was not easy for the band to set his feet, because after the Masquerade in Blood CD Sodom virtually disbanded. Tom got into the initial joy of beer songs, but in time, fortunately he began to miss the hard-genre. There was no fairy tale, a short time had to get a new drummer and guitar player. Both novice had to get used to quickly incorporate the new (thrash) tempo. The first co-work “Till Death Do Us Unite” disk is not much left for them to break in theaters also had to prove. The Sodom band live again!

The DVD has a bit long intro and outro, but the documentary part is very good. English and German subtitles can also help to understand the contents of the memoirs. Just like the first DVD, old members and producers look back to the band's defining periods. The recollection is helped with archival and previously unseen photographs and films. The second DVD includes - in addition to the LIVE section - the forgotten scenes and archive images. Surprisingly, however, that only 2 video clips has got Sodom from this era (City Of God, Fuck The Police).

The 2. disc includes the entire Wacken LIVE show, what has been committed at the band's 25th birthday in 2007. Unfortunately, Chris Witchhunter (RIP), then it was no longer able to act.

During the concert, along a good mood. Perfect sound. The old members by high spirits and great plays complete the atmosphere. Finally a full concert Sodom. (Unfortunately, the LOD-I concerts are not trained units, various concerts since they were chosen.), The impact is exacerbated by a performance are also classics such as Passion of the Christ or the Magic Dragon!

The two 16:9 aspect ratio and Dolby 5.1-in "mounted" DVD back in the company of two booklet has been the case. These brochures provide additional information and imagery for the fans. Outer cover of the DVD leaves something to be desired with some lead ... not too well done - and somewhat distasteful - Chainsaw Knarrenheinz hanging on the cross piece.

Overall, the second-ta LOD Sodom Fanatics obtained for all metal fans should too. The high quality publication well worth the $ 20 purchase price (the price in Hungary is not yet information I). I can only recommend to everyone!

written by: dr.sabotage,
sodom.hu, 2010

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