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Chris Witchhunter Tribute Show problems

Comments: 4 db./ Last: 2009.08,25 - 12:04
Chris Witchhunter Tribute Show problemsDear fans, friends and media representatives!,

Surely you have already heard about the Chris Witchhunter Tribute Concert, which will take place on April 11th, 2009 at the Turbinenhalle Oberhausen. Now that we invited lots of Chris Witchhunter's and Sodom's friends to this event, we're sorry...

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Tom Angelripper 2009

Comments: 0 db./ Last: 2009.03,12 - 16:21
Tom Angelripper 2009A sodom.hu spoke to Tom Angelripper (vocals/ bass) about new album, Lords of Depravity part 2 and the Kreator, Destruction, Sodom tour...

Read the full interview: here ...

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Death Squad Promotion has born!

Comments: 3 db./ Last: 2011.07,27 - 07:24
Death Squad Promotion has born!Tom Angelripper with his friend Martin Sosna arranged a new booking agency, the Death Squad Promotion.

In the future they'll managing metal bands like: Die Knappen, Final Depravity, Mystic Prophecy, Onkel Tom, Sodom, Störte Priester, Unrest.

For more info visit they new...

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Kreator, Destruction and Sodom...

Comments: 1 db./ Last: 2010.01,31 - 09:39
Kreator, Destruction and Sodom...The unholy German triumvirate of Kreator, Destruction and Sodom helped bridge thrash metal between the U.S. and the rest of the world in the mid ’80s and also injected the music with a new level of savagery. Obviously Slayer, Exodus and (early) Metallica were extremely heavy, but their...

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Bang Your Head 2009

Comments: 0 db./ Last: 2009.03,12 - 16:22
Bang Your Head 2009SACRED REICH, WARRIOR, SODOM and ROSS THE BOSS have been confirmed for next year's installment of the Bang Your Head!!! festival, set to take place June 26-27, 2009 in Balingen, Germany.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


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Rockpages.gr interview

Comments: 1 db./ Last: 2008.11,26 - 13:53
Rockpages.gr interviewIn the backstage area of MMD Festival, there has been scheduled a press conference for Sodom. Naturally, Rockpages.gr was present and here are the questions that we asked to Tom Angelripper, Bernemann, Bobby Schottkowski who seemed really happy to be back in Greece for a concert after a long period...

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PyroMusic interview 2007

Comments: 3 db./ Last: 2012.09,23 - 06:40
PyroMusic interview 2007Sodom are rightfully one of the most revered Thrash bands around, and they've been unstoppable since 1982. At last, Sodom are coming to Australia. The shows start in just a week and I had the chance to speak to Thomas 'Tom Angelripper' Such recently to discuss the tour. Despite the phone...

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Chris Witchhunter died

Comments: 13 db./ Last: 2012.09,23 - 06:16
Chris Witchhunter diedAccording to a posting on SODOM's official web site, the group's original drummer, Chris Dudek (a.k.a. Witchhunter), passed away yesterday (Sunday, September 7). No further details are currently available.

updated: 2008.09.23

Dudek made a special guest appearance on SODOM's...

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Rob Zombie`s Tyrannosaurus Rex

Comments: 7 db./ Last: 2012.04,20 - 10:11
Rob Zombie`s Tyrannosaurus RexLast week a new Rob Zombie project popped up on the production boards as The Weinstein Co/Dimension Films set an August 28th 2009 date for `Rob Zombie’s Tyrannosaurus Rex`.

But what is Tyrannosaurus Rex? Zombie wrote a blog entry on myspace which revealed very...

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One Night In Bangkok on vinyl!

Comments: 6 db./ Last: 2012.07,14 - 18:11
One Night In Bangkok on vinyl!Night Of The Vinyl Dead Records will reissue SODOM`s 2003 live album One Night In Bangkok this month as a limited-edition (500 copies) gatefold vinyl featuring Thai/German flag colors.

The LP is hand-numbered and comes with an...

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SPV Wacken Festival Podcast

Comments: 3 db./ Last: 2008.06,16 - 08:54
SPV Wacken Festival PodcastAs it well known, SODOM was played a special 25th anniversary set at last year`s Wacken Open Air festival (August 2-4) in Germany,

The 120-minute performance kicked off with four songs from the band`s latest, self-titled album, after which the group joined by several ex-members for a...

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Get Ready to Rock Interview, November 2007

Comments: 4 db./ Last: 2012.04,20 - 23:25
Get Ready to Rock Interview, November 2007 - Tom, thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview with Pure Metal. How did the idea of performing on the Metal Cruise II come about? I never expected a band as big as Sodom to participate in such a relatively underground event.

I knew that the organizers were...

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City Of God

Comments: 0 db./ Last: 2009.03,12 - 16:22
City Of God`Silent calls of solitude, Waiting for decline
Delivered from their passion, To spill the blood tonight....`

This video must be on the first page!:)

Sodom - City Of God from the selftitled Sodom album released in 2006. In spite of low budget, this video has a great...

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2008 first tourdates arrived!

Comments: 7 db./ Last: 2008.02,07 - 09:39
2008 first tourdates arrived!Sodom new tourdates for 2008:

SODOM 2008

2008.03.08 - Athen - March Metal Days
2008.05.30 - Zagreb - Zagreb Metal Fest
2008.06.21 - Clisson - Hellfest
2008.07.03 - Belgrad - Castle Fest
2008.07.19 - Osterode - Rock Harz
2008.08.29 - Losheim - Rock Area...

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Tom playing on Bass Invaders

Comments: 1 db./ Last: 2009.03,12 - 16:22
Tom playing on Bass InvadersHelloween guitarist Markus Grosskopf finished his project: Bass Invaders recordings.

As Marcus said: `I just finished recording an album called Bass Invaders.

It includes a couple of heavy rock tracks without guitars. I just recorded bass guitars with a little bit of...

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Bernemann`s Charity Auction

Comments: 1 db./ Last: 1970.01,01 - 01:00
Bernemann`s Charity Auction`Everybody who watched a SODOM gig in the last 11 years has seen me playing my old camouflage Kelly. I recorded every CD and played nearly every show with this guitar. I really love it.

Finally after all the years it was time for me to get a new one because the condition of my old...

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Tom talks about Final Sign Of Evil

Comments: 5 db./ Last: 2009.03,12 - 16:24
Tom talks about  Final Sign Of Evil- How came the idea, to re-record the EP: In The Sign Of Evil? What was the feeling in the studo durring record these songs.? Did you brings up thoseyears when started Sodom?

- When we entered the studio in `84 we supposed to do a full length album but the record company didn`t...

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Rob Zombie is Back!

Comments: 12 db./ Last: 2012.07,15 - 03:55
Rob Zombie is Back!Rob Zombie`s directed Halloween will release in August!

Zombie’s re-imagining of the John Carpenter 1978 classic went wrong in conception. The concept is simple, and a good one at first glance: Who is Michael Myers? We got a small glimpse of his childhood origin in the original...

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Video from Wacken!

Comments: 3 db./ Last: 2012.07,14 - 10:16
Video from Wacken!Sodom at Wacken 2007

SODOM played a special 25th anniversary set at Wacken Open Air festival, which took place August 2-4 in Wacken, Germany.

The 120-minute performance kicked off with four songs from the band\\\'s latest, self-titled album, after which the group was joined by...

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News from 2006

Comments: 2 db./ Last: 2011.07,27 - 05:59
News from 2006Sentences from Tom`s letter:

`Hi Janos! Nice to hear from you. NO, we don`t come to Ungary, we just just touring in Poland, Lettland and Estland.

But we are planning more shows during this year in Bulgarai, Jugoslawia and also Ungary, but it is not confirmed yet.


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News about Lords DVD!

Comments: 3 db./ Last: 2012.07,14 - 19:49
News about Lords DVD!`After consultation with our label SPV we came to the conclusion to distribute the DVD in two different publications.

Part 1 (two DVDs) will appear in September (Germany) and contain the Sodom history from 1982 to 1995 and the concerts from Sofia, WFF, Wacken, BYH and Rock Hard...

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